Wilson's Declaration of Neutrality
Wilson's Declaration of War http://www.tahg.org/module_display.php?mod_id=22&review=yes#101
Homework Nov 14-18
Homework 11/18
Read the list of primary sources, pick two of which are the most compelling reasons for war. Defend your position in a one paragraph wiki post.
Read the two other sources in the hand out 1) Wilson's Declaration of War 2) LaFollete's Opposition to war. Compare and contrast the reasons for going to war in a Venn Diagram. Consider: What is each speaker most concerned about? What can you tell about their view about U.S. foreign policy? Why do you think Norris and LaFollete failed to persuade Congress to stay out of the war?

Some highlights and additions to the study guide below:

Understand the difference in foreign policy between Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson.
Know the location and significance of the Panama Canal.
1187847.gif Visual Summary

Understand these three concepts for the test

selling the war and mobilization
suppressing opposition complete short activity here and print out, due tomorrow
Homework november 25
exemplenary student work
Some of you have been turning in real sub-standard work. Here are examples of good student work.
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