Ho Chi Minh: Program for a Communist Indochina
Vietcong Program
who wrote the doc
•summarize main points
• what important information does the doc give you
• explain significance of the document: consider the effects it may have had
• explain what the doc adds to the understanding of the War

- What seems to be the focus of the doc, independence or spreading communism?
- What is the attitude towards the US in this document?
- do you see anything "wrong " in this document? Meaning do the goals seem just?
- who or what country do you think has the right to resist these goals, if anyone?
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
- How does the US justify escalation?
-What are the stated US goals?
-What does it authorize the President to do?
-Does the resolution have a firm expiration date?
Refecltions-- read the Five Poems about Vietnam by Leroy V. Quintana
Why did people go?
The Rooster
The War in Pictures


Complete the primary source exercise on page 980.
Read section 2 chapter 33- Describe and evaluate the reasons the US escalated (defined in your book) the war in Vietnam in 2 paragraphs, printed ad brought to class.
Wed April 8-
1) Read the reflections link above
2)Write a two page letter home as a US soldier based on what we have learned in class today. Base you letter on the primary sources, class discussion, and pages 985-989. Format standard MS word 1 inch margins, double spaced, 12 point times new roman font.
Friday april 10
HW chapter 33 sec 3 2,3,4
Monday/Tuesday sec 4 #2 and 4