How: each group mus turn in a CD-Rom of their project
Some notes on you project:
  1. The video should be 20 to max 25 minutes.
  2. A lot of the music listed will not apply. Make sure songs you use are from the time period.
  3. Remember the goal of the project is to convey a decade through pop culture, in addition to a national and international event. You can do this in any number of ways.
Outline Due May 12
Must include the following:
  • your decade
  • a description of your events domestic and international, you can choose more than one
  • what formats you will be using in your yearbook to fulfill each requirement, for example, how will you convey pop-culture?
For example: If my group had the 21st century I may choose 9/11 as my event-so I may choose to film a newscast about it.