1898 was the first time the United States intervened in a conflict involving two foreign nations. Up until that time the United States had been busy with its own affairs of territorial expansion and industrial growth.

Evaluate the actions of the United States in a 2.5 page essay. In your evaluation consider the following: What are the underlying and unstated causes for intervention? What are the stated goals of the U.S. prior to intervention vs. its actions after the fact? Finally, how much does the U.S. hold to its promises?
You do not need to consult any sources other than those given out in class i.e. political cartoons, primary sources, and various handouts.

Papers must be 2.5-3.5 pages double-spaced in length. Use Microsoft word 1’’ margins. Papers must be submitted to Turnitin.com and turned in as a hard copy. All sources must be cited using MLA standards.
This will be 30% of your next test grade.
Due Tuesday November 25th.
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