Monday Feb 16
read both hand outs
there will be a quiz
Friday 2/20
home work tonight it to complete the Questions for review using the four page handout you got on the test day.
Block E read your role sheet as well.
Wed 2/25
Read pages 840 through section 3.
Complete section 3 numbers 3 and 4.
What was the Truman Doctrine?
Write a response which briefly summarizes the Korean War. Then explain how the Korean War is an example of containment under the Truman Doctrine.
Bring on Friday.
Research question due tomorrow
Tues 3/3
complete the China and MacArthur readings, answer all questions

Thursday 3/5
1)Compare CIA intervention in Guatemala and Iran to Eisenhower's handling of the Suez Crisis? Did the US act justly and according to its values? What were the motivations in each case? Which one do you think was handled better and why?
2) What was the significance of the Gary Powers incident on page 850?
Copy this prompt and post you answer with the prompt on the Wiki by Tuesday 7:30 AM

3) Read section 4 complete three and four.---to hand in
read chapter 29 sec 1 complete 2-4 Make sure 4 is a well though out well constructed answer.
chapter29 sec 3 #3,4,5
Thursday 3/20
finish hand out on Brown
complete political cartoon analysis, questions must be done for all four. I posted two that on the wiki that were hard to see.
Chapter 31 sec 1, 3 and 4
WED 4/1
Chapter 31 sec 4 #4, 5- you need to comment on your grades explaining them
come to class having read Chapter 33 section 1(likely reading quiz)