Scott Rhee
US History Speech

Black Power Speech
Malcolm X
Supported by many African-Americans
Wanted segregation
African Americans are more superior
Threat to racial equality
Opposed views from Martin Luther King Jr
Although hated, was respected

I, Malcolm X, do not understand why people are happy that we are getting closer and closer to racial equality. The truth is that we, the blacks, are superior to the whites. I believe that the root of humanity were the black people and white people are devil incarnates. Do we want a society where we coexist with the devil? I doubt it, so I suggest something new. I suggest that we create our own country strictly consisting of only our race until we can all go back to Africa. The March on Washington? Why are our people marching a march where white people, the cause of this racist world, set up? Why are our people so motivated that we are marching in front of a president who is dead and hated us from the start? After my pilgrimage to the Mecca, I have seen true equality. After seeing all kinds of different cultures and races interacting as they were all equal, I am more sure than ever that Islam is the answer to true equality.

Party platform

• What do you want? Black Power!
• “Black people will not be free until we are free to determine our own destiny!”
• Black separatism
• “Land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice, and peace!”
• The creation of black self defense group for the defending of black community from racist police oppression.
• More racial pride
• Voting rights to Blacks

Over the course of history, we the black population were constantly faced with racism and inequality. So now we stand together and demand black power.
Everyday we work harder than any other white person in this country just to get by the day. Just by this, people can see we are better on our own away from discrimination from white people.

From over 200 years of slavery within the United States, we deserve education, food, clothing, justice, and peace. However, white people are neglecting everything we did for them and are not granting these simple wishes. We, the black people, should be proud of surviving these past 200 years. Although white people are in our way from our goals, this had made us stronger. We want black power.