US Constitution Assignment: Bill of Rights in the News!

Find a current event in the US dealing with one of the amendments.
Type the following on a sheet ready to be turned in at the beginning of the next class:
1. Print the link, author, date, title of the article, and name of the journal (italicized).
2. Briefly summarize the article in no more than two paragraphs.
3. Answer the following questions in complete sentences
a) What is the issue or controversy?
b) What amendment does it relate to and how? Be sure to explain how the issue relates to the amendment.
c) Does this controversy/issue have any precedents? In other words, were there any similar cases before? If so, what were they and what happened? If not, why do you think no precedents exist?
d) Do you think the interpretation/application of the amendment in this particular instance is good or not? Why?
e) How would you interpret the amendment in this case?
f) What else would you like to know about this controversy/issue or topic that was not covered the article?
g) Write at least 3 questions about your amendment and current event that would be good in promoting class discussion?

Resources: google news and News Bank. I will e-mail you the user name and password.