Group grade: Jason, Sun, Anna
completion 10/10
• aesthetics (style) 5/5
• aesthetics (error free) 5/5
• cartoon 4/5
• advertisement 2/5
• peer evaluation 4/5
group grade: 30/35
Meat Inspection Act: Pretty good article, good explanation for the need of the Meat Inspection Act but you did not describe what it is going to do and how it is going to work. 21/25 Anna
Hunger strike good article some typo errors 24/25 Jason
Editorials: Write in the present tense women ARE still considered to be second class citizens, that was true for this time period 25/25 Anna
Con- it’s the NAWSA National American Women Suffrage Association, very well written otherwise 24/25 Sun
Initiative: Good but this should be a proposal for a law. Instead of “urging factory owners” to limit work to ages 14 and up you are writing a proposal for a law that would limit the age of workers BY LAW, there is a big difference 22/25 Sun
Interview: This does not seem like a real interview, an interview would never be only two questions long. Some of the logic in the first answer is a little strange and unrealistic. Where does the right to vote mean equal pay like you are suggesting? Women still don’t make as money as men today in the United States 21/25