Question: Pretend you are starting your own country. What kind of government would you have? What’s important in government?
The government that I would have is the Republican. I will choose the Republican because if provides human rights and it gave some opportunities for women to have education. Although, they didn’t give full rights to women, the government still provided the some women to be able to go to private schools and have education. The importance in government is to give natural rights to “all human beings.” Whether or not they are African Americans or other ethnic groups, they should not be prejudice and give all rights to all human beings. This means, right to vote, right to give safety to the people, and so on. Also, the government should allow “all women” including children to have education and have rights to vote.

What are the opportunities and hardships? (pg. 493-496)

The opportunities for immigrants in United States was that they were able to get jobs and make enough money to return to their home and buy land. Also, there were benevolent societies: education, health care, and jobs. They also joined religious--helped in cases of sickness and unemployment. Overall, many immigrants found life in the United States an improvement on the conditions of their homeland. However, they also had hardships in their new home. Most immigrants settled in crowded cities and found unskilled jobs. They were also force to live in dirty and poor places due to the crowded neighborhoods. Most of the immigrants worked in dirty places, such as factories. They suffered from long hours discrimination and physical exhaustion.

Political Cartoons analysis

1) What do you see in the cartoon, including objects and people, as well as caption and words in the cartoon?

-Group of vultures with human heads and standing on bones, skulls, and corps.

2) What or who is the subject of the cartoon and how is the subject represented?

-Boss Tweed and he is represented by being fat vulture with jewelries on him.

3) Which of the things in the cartoons are symbols? What do you think the symbols mean?

-The necklace represents wealth. Also, the bone represents poor people and the treasure represents poor people's money. Tweed's ring represents selfishness and greediness.

4) What is the opinion of the cartoonist toward the subject and how is it expressed?

-He is a selfish, cruel, and greedy man.

5) Who might agree/disagree with the cartoonist’s opinion?

-The poor people will have agreed with the cartoonist's opinion.

6) What is the over all message of the cartoon?

-That Tweed used all of the poor people's money.

Homework 11/18

Read the list of primary sources, pick two of which are the most compelling reasons for war. Defend your position in a one paragraph wiki post.

In the list of primary sources, I would choose number 1 and number 3 for being the most compelling reasons for war. Despite its neutrality, since the United States were under attack by the German submarine warfare, there were no choice but to have a war. The United States suffered from the attack and being in a neutral position, it was hard for the Americans to pull away from fighting. The United States didn't ask for any wars or any conflicts to occur; however, since the Germans kept on attacking the United States, they left them with no other choice but to fight. Moreover, the unrestricted German submarine warfare would bring the United States into war.
Due to economic issues, the United States had to go into a war. Since the United States loaned many hundreds of millions of dollars to the Allies, which they could not pay back--made the Americans go into a war. If the Americans didn't go into a war, then they would have faced economic collapse that could potentially hurt the United States economically, which would leave the United States with no choice but to go to war. Overall, I believe that these two major inferences are the most compelling reasons for the United States to go into a war.


*4 questions

1. Do United States and Soviet Union have different reasons to why they are trying to spread their ideas?
2. Is "free trade" an important reason to why the United States are using the idea of containment?
3. What are some of the securities that Soviet Union and United States expressed?
4. Are United States trying to spread capitalism because they want to have world peace?
5. How did United States and Soviet Union face each other?

Thurs 2/26
1)Explain what containment theory and the Truman Doctrine are. Briefly summarize the Korean War. In detail explain how it is an example of containment. Choose one other event from the text book, briefly summarize it and explain how it is an example of containment.
The definition of containment is a policy that prevents the spread of communism. The containment theory was established from a State Department official named George Kennan. The containment was to be created due to the Soviet Union making the "iron curtain." Soviet Union formed a buffer zone for the protection against Germany and this misunderstanding led to United States constructing the policy of containment. The Truman Doctrine was based on giving aids to Greece and Turkey. Before this, in 1946, a civil war occurred with the Communist-led rebels fighting against the Greece. For Greece, they were financially supported from Britain including the help of the military. However, Britain claimed that they could no longer help Greece and without any help, the Greece will lose against the communist force. For this, the United States decided to pass the Truman Doctrine, which gave aids to Greece and Turkey. The Korean War was a fight between the North and the South of Korea. But not only are the North and the South involved in this war, United States, China, and Soviet Union were also greatly part of this war. First of all, the Korean War started from Soviet Union and the United States dividing Korea into two zones. The Soviet forces took the North part of Korea and the United States occupied the South part of Korea. China was later involved in the war by teaming up with the communist party (North Korea). Moreover, the war could be seen as "Communism vs. Capitalism." One of the event would be the case of MacArthur. The general made a plan to blockade China's coast, invade mainland China, and to bomb the interior. This can be illustrated as an example of containment because it is an effort to prevent the spread of communism.

Thursday 3/5
1)Compare CIA intervention in Guatemala and Iran to Eisenhower's handling of the Suez Crisis? Did the US act justly and according to its values? What were the motivations in each case? Which one do you think was handled better and why?
In 1954, the CIA intervened in Guatemala to prevent communism. The Guatemalan president, Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán, decided to reconstruct the land for the rural poor which was basically following the idea of communism. With Eisenhower's order, the CIA gathered an army to bomb the capital and created a new pro-U.S. government in June 1954. Due to Eisenhower's insecurity of the spread of communism, all the chaos that was caused by the U.S. created the damage in Guatemala. In 1951, Eisenhower cancelled aid to Iran due to Mohammad's action of nationalizing the British-owned oil fields in Iran. Again, Eisenhower called the CIA to send a military coup against the Iranian leader. In result, Mohammad got arrested and exchanged position with a pro-American, named Mohammad Pahlavi. For the case of Suez Crisis, Eisenhower used diplomacy to influence foreign policy rather than to covert actions. Eisenhower decided to not offer to finance a large dam in Egypt. However, after Soviet Union's help to Egypt, those two countries started to have a friendlier relationship with each other. The fear of spreading communism, the U.S. offered military aid to any Middle Eastern countries in order to prevent the spread of communism. The U.S. did not act justly and to its values because the CIA with a simple order from Eisenhower just overthrows another country's leader with no notification. The motivations in each case is to stop the spread of communism and to expand more idea of capitalism. The U.S. did this by replacing the Iran's previous leader to a pro-American leader. I thought the Suez Crisis's event was handled better than the case of Guatemala and Iran because it was indirectly stopping the spread of communism. There were no particular war or any conflict and the U.S. just simply aided to Egypt which was beneficial to both Egypt and the U.S.

2) What was the significance of the Gary Powers incident on page 850?
The significance of the Gary Powers incident was that if this event didn't happen at the first place, then the cold war would've ended earlier. Also, the relationship between the Soviet Union and the U.S. would've gotten better. The incident of the Gary Powers occured in May 1960, when an American U-2 (spy plane) had been shot in Soviet Union. The pilot, Gary Powers, confessed that he had been on a spying mission and due to this, the trust between the U.S. and the Soviet Union broke. The Soviet Union didn't meet the U.S. anymore and the Soviet Union asked the U.S. for an apology; however, the U.S. didn't apologize. With this, the relationship between these two countries got worsen.



Is it ever justifiable to treat people differently based on race, religion, gender, handicaps, etc?

No, it is not justifiable to treat people differently based on race, religion, gender, handicaps, and etc. People are all different. People can have different religions and some people might be handicaps, but that doesn't mean that we can just treat people differently. For example, Hitler killed a lot of Jews due to their race and this is not justifiable. If people treat differently towards people who have different race, religion, and etc, this will lead to a conflict between those people.


- How does the US justify escalation?
The US justify escalation by promoting the maintenance of international peace and security in southeast Asia.

-What are the stated US goals?
US goals is to help the people of Southeast Asia to protect their freedom and to make the people of Southeast Asia be left alone to do what they want to do.

-What does it authorize the President to do?
It authorize the President to take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression.

-Does the resolution have a firm expiration date?
No, the resolution doesn't have a firm expiration date because


What do you think this song is about?
I think this song is about the Vietnam War.

Who is the Rooster?
The Rooster is the US soldiers because it says that "he ain't gonna die..."

Who’s they?
"They" are the Vietcong.

What is the artist discussing in VERSE 2?
The Verse 2 is talking about the US soldiers because it says "Gloria."
Also, "they spit on me in my home land" is about the hippies and the people who were protesting the war literally spit on the US soldiers. The protesters blamed the soldiers for American deaths and the Vietnamese deaths.
The Verse 2 is also talking about the experience in the Vietnam War.


Why did the person go to the Vietnam War?

W. D. Ehrhart decided to go to college later and go to the Vietnam War because he wanted to do the best for his country. He was inspired by Kennedy's speech, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." This speech made Ehrhart think about the challenge and then finally decided to go to the Vietnam War. With this, Ehrhart wanted to be in the Marines but more than that, he wanted to become a hero. He decided to go to the war after Kennedy's speech, after Kennedy's death, and after Johnson's election. He was an anti-communist.


who wrote the doc

The Vietcongs wrote the doc.

•summarize main points
The document is basically about the Vietcongs wanting to change the system of what the US have been doing. For instance, having wars and not having equal rights. Also, they want to have world peace instead of constantly fighting against different countries.

• what important information does the doc give you
That the Vietcongs wants to control the South Vietnamese.

• explain significance of the document: consider the effects it may have had
There might be effects due to this document because the US might be upset and later have a conflict.

• explain what the doc adds to the understanding of the War
That the Vietcongs wants to end the war, but end the war with the control over the South Vietnamese.

- What is the attitude towards the US in this document?
The Vietcongs wants the US out. They wanted to abolish the economic monopoly of the United States. The tone towards the US is negative, for instance, "We will abolish the system of American military advisers and close all foreign military bases in Vietnam" (Douglas Pike).


Cost of the War and the effect that it had on the public

In the "Life Covers The Vietnam War," I think the pictures effected the public by demonstrating the hardship and the injured soldiers through the pictures and through this, the public reacted with great shock and wanted the American soldiers to come back to United States. After seeing trough the pictures, the public I think would have reacted with great hatred towards the American government and the President because they were the ones who kept on sending more soldiers to the Vietnam War. To see soldiers facing the great hardship and seeing them suffering from their vulnerable wounds, the public was I believe heartbroken and upset towards the government and the President. The public wanted to end the war and bring all the soldiers back to end the suffer that the soldiers were facing. Also, the parents back then in the United States wouldn't want to send their sons to war after seeing the horrifying pictures. Moreover, the public would have guessed that the Americans were losing after seeing the pictures. In the "Children of the War," the pictures illustrates the damage that the children faced. The children are naked and half burnt and this stirred up more anti-protest in the United States.


Madman Theory

The Madman theory was written by Richard Nixon and this is about Nixon scaring Ho Chi Minh about pressing the "nuclear button." Nixon hints that he might actually press the nuclear button and that Ho Chi Minh will surrender within two days begging for peace.

Civil Rights Journal

What kind of hardships did black activists face? Do you think it was worth it?

The black activists had to face a lot of hardships such as avoiding people because they were afraid of white people attacking them. Black activists sacrificed their jobs in order to vote and shows how they were brutally beaten by the police men. Not only this, but black activists got arrested, beaten up, and attacked from the police men. In my opinion, I think it was worth it because the black activists were doing this in order to gain more equal rights. Since, the black activists had a reason and risked their lives for doing such a cause, it was worth facing the hardships.


How important is a free press in a democracy?
What do you think the relationship is between the press and authority figures? Think about Watergate and the Washington Post, also the reading we did in class.
Should there be any restrictions on what newspapers can print?

Should newspapers be able to report without revealing their sources? Why or why not? Is this important?

In order to keep authority figures honest, there is one way to do this. We could make strict punishments and do all sorts of things in order or them to stay honest. Punishments is the best way to keep them honest. If setting strict rules and laws and violations, then it would allow people to stay honest and follow the rules as it is. If an authority figure abuses my life, then I would start a protest. For example, when Nixon abused this power after his actions about the watergate incident.

Newspapers should be able to report with revealing sources because if they always report without revealing their sources, then the public will doubt the information that the reporters put on the newspapers. By putting up the sources, people will know where the reporters got their information.Democracy deals works by voting a representative to vote. When censorship is occurs in the media, then people don't know what's going on. The relationship between the press and the authority figure is that the press is often referred to as the fourth estate. The government can't always tell the truth to the press and that it depends on the situation. The press can give the government awareness of what's going on and also to expose the dirty secrets and the lies that the government did and have in order to let the government change the way they introduce information to people/public. The press shouldn't reveal about a person's privacy.


Nixon's speech

What Nixon said during the speech is that he never profited for public services and never obstructed justice. He said that he of course welcomes this kind of examination of a President and needs the press to show the public if the President they have is a crook or not. But, he said that he's not a crook. Also, on the second speech, he stated that the America should be put in interest first and needs full time President and congress. The President and the congress needs to be able to fight and continue to fight for the people of America. What he didn't say for both speeches is that the didn't admit his lies. The incident of Watergate--he didn't mention that he committed to do the act. Also, he didn't say that he lied to the public about dealing with the Watergate incident. He never apologized or say sorry to the public of what he did.


Definition of Feminism

Emancipation of women from the stereotypes that kept women from achieving economical, cultural, political, and social rights.

  1. Who can solve problems better: the free market or government?
  2. What creates better economic growth: lower taxes or increased government programs?
  3. Which of the following is more problematic: higher wages or the welfare system?
  4. Which of the following is the best way to attain peace: negotiation or military strength?
  5. Which of the following best describes America: a force for good in the world or a great nation that admits it has made mistakes?
  6. What should be our approach towards the Soviet Union?

1a) The free market can solve problems better because according to Reagan, he thought that the government was the problem. With this, if you use the free market, then the problems could be solved.
2a) Lower taxes could increased government programs because when lower taxes are given, then people will use more money.
3a) The welfare system is more problematic because the welfare system is created from the government and if the government has problem then the welfare system will be corrupted.
4a) Military system is the best way to attain peace because with the strength of CIA, just like what Reagan did, it can attain peace. Using strength can help but communication and words cannot attain peace.
5a) What describes America is a great nation that admits it has made mistakes. Such as Reagan, he admitted that government made mistakes.
6a) We should meet the Soviet Union and face them.


1. What conclusions can you draw about Republicans and Democrats?
2. Give a one paragraph summary for each.
3. Describe one thing about these interviews that surprised you.
4. How does each interviewee fit and Not fit into the typical party member?

1a. Republicans are conservative and this party believes that the Federal government's tasks should be limited. In other words, their obligations is to reduce the task of Federal government and give more power to the States. For Democrats, this party believes the opposite of what the Republicans believe in. Republicans wants to give more power to the states and not to the Federal government; however, the Democrats believes that the power should be given to the Federal government and less power on the States.
2a. The summary for the Republicans and the Democrats deal with two different beliefs. The overall summary of the Republicans is that they are conservative. They are the ones who doesn't want change and wants to hold onto traditional values. Republicans therefore believes that the power should be given to the States and not the Federal government. With this, it is their goal to reduce the task of Federal government and increase the task and power to the States. On the other hand, the summary of the Democrats is different from the beliefs of the Republicans. The Democrats wishes to reduce the power of the States and increase the power and task for the Federal government.
3a. The interviews surprised me because these people later lives in the same place but have different beliefs. Also, the fact that the Republicans also supported gun weapons was surprising.
4a. They all fit into each different parties because they both have different point of views.